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Branding project at Central saint martin's. The brief was to create a food product, primarily influenced by a nation, in this case chilli pepper powder from Mexico. I explored 2 different avenues for the character. The chosen character was a 4 colour reductive lino print, with some illustration on top. It was scanned in and finalised on illustrator. 2019


A commissioned invitation to a 60th birthday party event. Pencil illustration, finalised on illustrator


Artwork for Sourface's '21st century man' 2021

accompanied by an animation


Artwork for Leah Music's 'a letter to the world'. pastel illustration, finalised on illustrator.

I was approached to do this cover in the peak of the BLM movement along with a few other artists. This was my initial sketch when faced with Leah Music's song. Leah's manager liked it and picked my work to be used. I progressed it into this final piece. 2021


Artwork for Bandra Hursel's 'Our first EP'


A design for a start up Brighton clothing company, created on procreate and photoshop.

I was selected to create the first designs of 488, a start-up formed by a Worthing football player. The brands that were looked at, with the aim to emulate and reflect were Cole Buxton and Illicit Bloc.

Entre Inconnu

Artwork for Sourface's 'Entre Inconnus' 2020

Artwork for Sourface's 'Entre Inconnus' 2020


Artwork for Sourface's 'Sweet dreams suburbia' 2020


A commission for Poems by post, an illustration to complement Monika Radojevic's poem 'All my words are birdsong'

V.I.P Pizza vintage Italian football sticker sheet


A logo I designed for Bridging the bar. A charity which aims to facilitate a path for underprivileged people to work in the bar.


A zine project at UCA Canterbury, reflecting on our trip to Amsterdam. 

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